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Our History

Drama Llama Improv is a youth improv troupe based in Frankfort, but with members from other counties including Anderson and Shelby. The troupe was formed about 4 years ago after one of the founding leaders, Mendy Atchley's son wanted so much to be a part of a sketch comedy or improv troupe. And guess what? There were no youth improv groups around!


From there Drama Llama was started and has had a consistent troupe of roughly 7 or 8 youth for the past 4 years. They work together on improv games and various scenarios to present to schools and other groups. COVID put a halt to meeting in person for a little while as well as performing at schools. Every new school year, we open up for new members until mid-September.  

Beginning the summer of 2021, we fulfilled another dream and that was to conduct a week-long camp for ages 9 and up. This past summer our campers totaled 24 and we worked with 13-16 year olds as counselors. Themes vary from camp to camp and 2024 will mark our 4th camp.  Each camp is filled with theatre education, theatre fun, creativity, and crafts. We invite you to go look out the photos from all of our camps. 

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