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Improv Workshops

Stay tuned for more workshops soon!

Ever wonder what improv is all about? Here's a chance to explore improv and all the fun that comes with it. No experience necessary - just a love for theatre and the willingness to put yourself out there. Ages 8-11 

Audition Workshops

There's ALWAYS an audition to go to, community theatres, elementary schools, middle and high schools, colleges, GSA prep, Theatre Conferences. It's never too late OR to early to get ready. This workshop will give you everything you need to help you choose a monologue, choose a song, be ready for cold readings at auditions plus advice from those who've been there.


$25 for both sessions. Any questions:

Stay tuned for more workshops soon!

So you want to audition for your favorite show or a college program or even SETC or GSA, but they want a monologue! Don't panic. This workshop, is perfect for you if you haven't a clue where to find a monologue or what monologue would be best for you. This workshop is meant for tweens/teens and is considered an Acting II workshop. Some onstage experience is preferable. 

$30 for both sessions TOGETHER

To register or for more questions:

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Ever watch a show or a movie and wonder if YOU can do those steps?  Then this offering from Drama Llama is for you. This session consists of 2 in-person meetings: T.B.A..    You will be given personal attention as the class sizes are kept small with a maximum of 8 per session. Ages 9-12 and depending upon enrollment, the class may be split up. 

The cost:   $35.00 total for both sessions TOGETHER

For questions:  Email Nadine Johnson,

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